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[fi-ness]  noun, verb, fi-nessed, fi-ness-ing. noun

  1. extreme delicacy or subtlety in action, performance, skill, discrimination, taste, etc.
  2. skill in handling a difficult or highly sensitive situation; adroit and artful management.

Designer, Sara Schneider

Sara Schneider

Sara Schneider

Patience, nurturing and attention to detail are not only desirable traits as a gardener but for a designer as well. I honed my design and marketing skills as the owner of a lovely home & garden shop and working with some pretty cool people in the wholesale/retail industry. Helping other creative businesses grow has proven to be one of the more satisfying things I've ever done. I also enjoy caring for our 100 year old bungalow with it's small but charming garden and two resident tuxedo cats. 


Nice things people are saying. 

Working with Sara at Finessie is such a pleasure.  While I was dreading the process of getting our website done, Sara made it so easy and such a pleasure.  She has a way of understanding your "vision" and making it happen.  And make it happen she does, Sara was quick, efficient, and went above and beyond in every way.

— Lynette Vertoch, Cameo & Crowns

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