Working with Sara was a fulfilling, stress-free experience. Even during challenging times, she retained her professionalism and artistry. I love her intuitiveness and creativity, and her ability to ensure that every single project comes to a successful conclusion.
I feel extremely fortunate to work with Sara. Anyone who hires her will be delighted with both the working relationship and the ultimate product that she delivers.
— Guila Muir, Author
Working with Sara at Finessie is such a pleasure. While I was dreading the process of getting our website done, Sara made it so easy and such a pleasure. She has a way of understanding your “vision” and making it happen. And make it happen she does, Sara was quick, efficient, and went above and beyond in every way. Our website came together quicker and better than I ever thought and when it was complete she came to our office and taught me how to do the updates. Turns out I don’t have the time I thought I would to do all of the updates that need to be done (show schedules, new customers, new products etc) so that is a service that Sara offers and we take advantage of it regularly to keep our website up to date. I am thrilled with every aspect of Sara’s work and recommend her to anyone looking to put together a website. Imagine, all of this at a fair and reasonable price!
— Lynette Vertoch, Cameo & Crowns